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3DPF Final Assignment: Final Video

After a long work of animation and modeling for 3dpf final assignment, I have made an animation video with audio, yourgirlfriend.wav. This is the assignment final video. Please take a look and I hope you enjoy  the video.


3DPF Final Assignment Progress 2

Here is the image of the scene that I am going to take.

As you can see the 2 hogan is going to be chatting with the conversion, while having their tea like its a meet up on a lunch tea break session.

There will be further images to show.

This is the outside view of the cafe, showcasing the cars going passing by as during lunch tea break time, there is a lot of cars going around especially for lunch or tea break.  So I have model the cars and going to be animate them as part of the scenery of the animation.

So these are the scenes that I am focusing on.

I will further update on the animation soon.

3DPF Final Assignment Progress 1

After listening to the 2 audio a lot of things, i have decided to work on my final assignment on the audio of girlfriend. The reason why I choose the audio for girlfriend for my final assignment instead of choosing dishonest is because I felt that there are more interactions for creating the animation based on the audio of my girlfriend.

I have planned my scene and what I am supposed to do.

My scene is going to be at scene at a cafe or a shop with 2 person chatting. And because I heard some noises of the car passing by, I decided to have an the cafe near the shop with cars passing by as the person are chatting.

Images will come later to show more details.


This is my video for my assignment Acting, showing a hogan eating happily his ice cream at a park and while he eating, he tripped over a stone that resulted in his ice cream to fall.

I have used some textures for this animation:

Texture for the sky

Texture for the rock

Texture for the grass

Texture for the bench seat

Emotions & Expression

I have done a set of emotions for my assignment. And as you can see all of them are different emotions are of opposite emotions using Plutchik Wheel of Emotions.

And in order to able to do the emotions on the 3D character I have used a few references:

Ambient Occlusion

What is Ambient Occlusion?

Ambient occlusion is a lighting method that is used in 3D animations which helps add realism to models by creating soft shadows on objects. Though ambient occlusion creates soft shadows, but they do not create the type of shadows that are cast from objects with lights shining directly on them. Instead they generates the type of deep shadows that appear in the corners or creases of things, which is not easy to be created by using normal lighting as it is hard for the light to reach.

Ambient occlusion is a global illumination technique, which can be refer as a combination of techniques such as image-based lighting or photon mapping and etc. The soft appearance that is achieved by ambient occlusion alone is the same as how an object appears on an overcast day. It has been popularized in production animation due to its easy to use and efficiency. And because of that, ambient occlusion is often referred as “sky light.”

Ambient occlusion works by having a measurement of how much ambient light is blocked by nearby things. If an object or surface is obstruct, less light can reach it, which means the surface will be in shadow. Creases, corners, hollows and the undersides of things tend to have a lot of ambient occlusion.

The ambient occlusion shading model has the nice property of offering a better perception of the 3d shape of the displayed objects, due to the shadows shown on the corners and creases of the objects.

To further see the difference of ambient occlusion, below are some pictures related to ambient occlusion.

As you can see from the car, the difference in having ambient occlusion is that on the left hand side, there is no shadow formed on the corners and creases of the car but whereas on the right hand side of the picture, you can see the deep shadows formed on the corners and creases of the car. This makes the right hand side picture more realistic than the left hand side picture.




Independent developer


Props Making Assignment.

I went to model props for my character as a Medieval Footman.

I have model a shield and a sword.

Below is the picture of my character holding the shield and the sword


And below is a focus view of my sword

And a focus view of my shield

I have used some references about medieval footman.



And of course I went to design my sword and shield according to how I want it and not exactly refers to the references.


3D Animation that I like

The 3D animation that I like is the recent 3D animation movie I watched during the hoilday with my friends,The Rapunzel.

A brief Introduction of Rapunzel is basically about a princess named Rapunzel who has magical golden hair that could heal & restore youth. But, Mother Gothel, a selfish old lady wants her hair for her youth. So, she decided to steal Rapunzel from her parents when she was little & kept her in a tower far away deep in a forest..

Many years past, Rapunzel longed to get out into the outside world to view the floating lanterns that appeared only at her beautiful, which was released by the town, hoping that the lost princess will come back. Her wish finally came true when she met a bandit named Flynn Rider.. and from here their humourous, fun, musical & dangerous adventure begins…

So why do I like about Rapunzel, its because, Rapunzel is not just an 3D animated film but a comedic and musical one. As I follow the story in the movie, I find that its so beautiful and when the movie has ended, I felt inspired to do well for my 3D subject, hoping that I could do such an 3D animation film one day. Its really a fantastic film that really makes one enjoy a lot. I find that the voice actress of Rapunzel, Mandy Moore, and Flynn Rider, Zachery Levi, have a wonderful voice. When they sing, I was so in deep in it and at some point of the movie, with the scene and musical voices of theirs, it makes me feel very touched.

Another reason why I like this movie is because the way they animate it is interesting.